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Vancouver Lions Golf Tournament

The Vancouver Lions Club hosts a golf tournament as a major fund–raising event, annually on the last Friday in September, in memorial to Emil B. Fries, a Vancouver Lion from 1948 to 1997.


Men and women of all skill levels compete in a four–person, scramble–format tournament. Unique to the tournament are a blindfolded putting contest and blindfolded tee shot at a par 3 hole.

The tournament includes a dinner program with entertainment, awards and prize raffles open to all players, contributors, and their families.


Money raised from the tournament comes from players, who pay an entry fee to defray the tournament costs, and generous donations from sponsors—local individuals and businesses—who receive promotional considerations in appreciation of their contribution.

Although year’s tournament was been cancelled due to increased costs and and adverse economic conditions, we thank everyone who supported the tournament, our Club, and the many persons past tournaments have helped.